Information Nation!

Module 3- Minor Blog Post

What does it mean to say we live in the information age?

It means that we crave the ability to have easy access to knowledge. With the oh so brilliant invention called the Internet, society as a whole now has nearly instant access to any and all information they require.

Now, Is this a good or bad thing?

Our society is now more interested in the consumption of pure information, verses the consumption of manufactured goods. We are living in what is referred to as a “post-industrial society” because we are no longer interested in the industry creating the products we were once interested in. We are now fascinated by technologies beyond what can be held in our hands. We obsess with the fact that we have immediate access to information via the internet and other media sources. We no longer have to go searching for things we are interested in. Finding information is as easy as these simple steps:

1)   Open a laptop or turn on a desktop computer

2)   Connect to the internet

3)   Open web browser

4)   Enter into the URL field

And there you have all the answers your heart may desire.

Or, even simpler then that, turn on you TV and watch the news.

The amount of people in today’s society with a television and internet access in their home is astounding. It is so incredibly rare to find a home without either one or the other in households with people under the age of 80. This fact alone proves how important access to information in today’s society affects how one lives their lives.

Internet = Knowledge

Knowledge = Intelligence

Therefore, Internet = The smartest idea since sliced bread

So stick that in your web browser and search it!


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