Citizen Journalism on Storify

Module 7- Citizen Journalism

The task for this week’s assigned module is to create a account, and begin a process of citizen journalism. Although it wasn;t necessary, I posted a link to my storify article here on my blog.

I chose to do my “story” on the gender roles of women in a professional field. It looks at career women and feminists and how they are stereotypcially percieved in a media spotlight.


[View the story “Professional Gender of Women in Media” on Storify]

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1 Response to Citizen Journalism on Storify

  1. Hi, I really liked your choice of topic because it forces us to remember that media has many flaws. As many good things as I can say about the emergence of media and more importantly, social media, there is the constant threat of skewed images and misinterpretations. This of course leads to stereotypes as well as the reinforcement of existing stereotypes. Technological advancements has made media quicker, broader and more readily accessible, which ultimately gives it more power over us and our opinions. This can be a good thing but also a bad thing, especially when it comes to stereotyping.

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