About This Blog

Welcome to my online blog, dearest reader!

My name is Amanda Glover, and I’m a fourth year film studies major at Brock University.

I had originally created this blog as a platform to blog school work for an online class. However, as the final assignment, I was asked to repurpose this blog to form a more specific topic of discussion. As one of our earlier assignments, we were to create a Storify article based on a media related topic, and I chose to write my Storify on the gender roles of professional and career driven women, and how the media percieves them with male stereotypical attributes. Yes, I realise what a mouthful that is, but it is a very interesting topic that I’ve found myself researching thoughout my academic career.

So, I have decided that I will take this blog and form it into a more specific blog based around Professional Women and their role in a gendered media.

So if you’re interested in that kinda stuff, sit down, grab a tea and enjoy the read! I can only hope that you’ll learn something cool or informative that you might not have had the chance before!


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